Dr. Arne Schuldt
CEO and Researcher

Towards the Visualisation of Shape Features
The Scope Histogram

A. Schuldt, B. Gottfried, and O. Herzog

Centre for Computing Technologies (TZI)
University of Bremen, Am Fallturm 1, D-28359 Bremen


Classifying objects in computer vision, we are faced with a great many features one can use. This paper argues that diagrammatic representations help to comprehend properties of features. This is important for the purpose of deciding which features should be used for a given classification task. We introduce such a diagrammatic representation for a shape feature and show how it enables one to decide whether this feature helps to distinguish some categories given. Additionally, it shows that the proposed feature keeps up with other features falling into the same complexity class.


Schuldt, A., Gottfried, B., and Herzog, O. (2006). Towards the Visualisation of Shape Features: The Scope Histogram. In Freksa, C., Kohlhase, M., and Schill, K. (eds.): 29th Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI 2006). Bremen, Germany, June 14-19, 2006. LNAI 4314, Springer-Verlag, pp. 289-301. Best Paper Contribution to KI 2006 out of 112 submissions.


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