Dr. Arne Schuldt
CEO and Researcher

Designing a Simulation Middleware
for FIPA Multiagent Systems

A. Schuldt, J. D. Gehrke, and S. Werner

Centre for Computing Technologies (TZI)
University of Bremen, Am Fallturm 1, D-28359 Bremen


Multiagent systems ease the implementation of software systems to control complex processes. Instead of monolithic programs, decision-making is delegated to software agents as local entities. Like in software development in general, testing and evaluation play an important role also for multiagent systems. This is particularly the case because run-time interactions between agents and their effects cannot always be predicted at design time. Multiagent-based simulation is an adequate means to evaluate agents regarding their applicability in real-world operation. However, general agent development frameworks do not consider simulation-specific issues. Because they provide no means for synchronisation, an additional simulation middleware is required. Temporal and implementation-related criteria that are relevant for middleware design are defined in this paper. Furthermore, the actual implementation as well as example applications in logistics are presented.


Schuldt, A., Gehrke, J. D., and Werner, S. (2008). Designing a Simulation Middleware for FIPA Multiagent Systems. In Jain, L., Gini, M., Faltings, B. B., Terano, T., Zhang, C., Cercone, N., and Cao, L. (eds.): 2008 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology (WI-IAT 2008). Sydney, Australia, December 9-12, 2008. IEEE Computer Society Press, pp. 109-113.


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