Dr. Arne Schuldt
CEO and Researcher

Agent-Based Container Security Systems:
An Interdisciplinary Perspective

S. Werner, A. Schuldt, and K. Daschkovska

Centre for Computing Technologies (TZI)
University of Bremen, Am Fallturm 1, D-28359 Bremen

Bremen Institute of Industrial Technology and Applied Work Science (BIBA)
University of Bremen, Hochschulring 20, D-28359 Bremen


Container security systems including electronic seals play an important role in securing container logistics. Nevertheless, a lack of standards prevents devices by different vendors from effective interoperability. Hence, this paper proposes an interdisciplinary perspective incorporating the agent paradigm of computer science. In this approach interaction between different autonomous entities is based on standardised communication protocols. In addition, for container security systems a cryptographic concept must be applied in order to secure communication.


Werner, S., Schuldt, A., and Daschkovska, K. (2007). Agent-Based Container Security Systems: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. In Koschke, R., Herzog, O., Rödiger, K.-H., and Ronthaler, M. (eds.): 37th Annual Conference of the German Society for Computer Science (GI 2007). Bremen, Germany, September 24-28, 2007. LNI 109, Gesellschaft für Informatik, pp. 11-16.

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